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"A.G. Parker Cinema Collection", of the "European Collections and Cataloguing" (ECC) as part of the Cambridge University Library film book collections

Parker Cinema Collection

A.G. Parker Cinema Collection

Former University Library staff member Glynne Parker died in October 2011 - After his death, collection of printed matter and ephemera on film was presented to the Cambridge University Library film book collections.

Glynne Parker’s own records show that his book collection ran to 2774 books. Journals make up a minor component of the overall collection, but include some fairly rare small-run publications. Glynne concentrated on American, British, and European cinema and bought chiefly in English, French, and Italian. His great interest in silent cinema is reflected strongly in the collection, with many major Italian titles about the genre and over 50 books about Buster Keaton.

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Part of the Cambridge University Library film book collections.