Israeli Early Cinema

In memory of Jospeh Halachmi (1933-2019), Founder & Film historian

odded hanodedOded Hanoded is 1932 Drama film directed by Chaim Halachmi (Haim Halachmi), and written by Chaim Halachmi (Haim Halahmi) and Tzvi Lieberman-Livne (Based on his childrens book).

Considered first full-length Hebrew feature film.

"A cornerstone for the Hebrew cinema was laid yesterday" by Doar Hayom after the film's premiere at Jerusalem's Zion Cinema.

Uri Klein, Ha’aretz film critic: “Today, 78 years after its making, the major interest in watching the film stems from its attempt to deal with the conflict between the collective and the individual".


Starring Moshe Tawil, Shimon Povsner, Shifra Ashman, Dvora Halachmi, Moshe Choorgel and Michael Klinger, Directed by Chaim Halachm.



Based on Zvi Liebermann's children's book which describes adventures of the child Oded, who gets lost on a class field trip. Oded & after having adventures in the Jezreel Valley as well as encounters with Bedouins, an eccentric tourist and various animalsa is found by his friends and returns home safely.


Premier: 29th December 1932 (Eden cinema, Tel Aviv.)

Length: 70 Minutes

Written: Chaim Halachmi (Haim Halachmi)

Story: Tzvi Lieberman-Livne

Director: Haim Halachmi

Director Of Photography: Natan Axelrod

Composer: Emanuel Pugchov

Producer: Chaim Halachmi