Israeli Early Cinema

In memory of Jospeh Halachmi (1933-2019), Founder & Film historian

Haim Halachmi is considered first film director in the Yishuv (pre Israel Jewish community in Palestine).

haim halachmmiHalachmi was also a film producer, theater actor & owner of film production companies. Between his films are the first ever Israeli plotted full-length drama movie filmed in Israel "Oded Hanoded", produced & filmed on 1932 and the "Va'Yehi Be'May" Comedy, also from 1932 (Both film, silent films).


"Va'Yehi Be'May" (Once upon a time) was first screened on June 4th 1932 (Thus, actually the first commercial screening of an Israeli cinema) and "Oded Hanoded" was screened on December 27th of that same year – Thus both become the roots of the Israeli Cinema industry.

In 1993, directed "Yoman Tel-Aviv No. 1".

Those films, where a part of Haim Halachmi's effort to establish a professional film industry in the pre-Israel community. As such he was the owner of "Zohar Films" (Est. 1929) & "FAI Studio: FILM ARETS-ISRAELI CHAIM HALACHMI & CO".

His life

Haim Halachmi was born 1902, in smal town of Lubar Ukraine and died 1979 in Ramat-Hasharon Israel. Leaving behind his wife, Dvora Halachmi and his son & film historian Jospeh Halachmi.

His name might be also written "Chaim" and not "Haim".

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