Israeli Early Cinema

In memory of Jospeh Halachmi (1933-2019), Founder & Film historian

The Sderot Cinematheque was founded in 1999 & is the first educational and cultural institution dedicated to the cinema in Southern Israel.The Sderot Cinematheque

It was established with the aim of bringing public attention to the cultural life for the population in the southern part of the country and also help close the cultural gap between the central and peripheral areas of Israel.

The Sderot Cinematheque activities irrespective of their economic-social standing.  One of the Cinematheque's principal aims is the promotion of Israeli cinema in all its forms: Festivals, study days, special screenings, and meetings with producers, cultural and musical events, continuing education programs and workshops.

This Cinematheque is unique in that it introduces the audience to every kind of Israeli/foreign creations, documentary/feature and experimental/student productions, accompanied by the best producers who place a public discussion held in the cinematic language on the social agenda.

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